In Britain, Klitschko has called the Russian giant

В Британии Кличко назвали русским гигантом

Journalists of the British newspaper confused Russia with Ukraine.

Edition DailyStar before the fight Klitschko and Joshua released an article where representing the American actress Hayden panettiere, fiance Wladimir Klitschko, has signed boxer as “the Russian Boxing giant.”

It should be noted that in the English text was corrected, stating that Klitschko is Ukrainian, but the initial gaffe did not bother to fix it.

В Британии Кличко назвали русским гигантом

A screenshot of the page

Recall, Vladimir Klitschko will fight Briton in London on April 29. The fight will take place at the famous Wembley stadium.

Klitschko has denied the information about the injury

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