The Premier League player suspended from football for a year and a half for a bet

Игрок АПЛ отстранен от футбола на полтора года за ставки

Burnley’s English midfielder Joey Barton admits that violated the ban on football betting.

Burnley midfielder Joey Barton suspended from soccer activities for 18 months.

The football Association of England has proved that over the last ten years the midfielder made more than 1,200 bets on various events and outcomes, despite the ban on participation in the sweepstakes for professional players. In addition, Barton was fined 30 thousand pounds.

The player himself admits that he’s broken the rules, however, refers to psychological dependence on gambling. According to 34-year-old midfielder, one and a half year suspension is too harsh a punishment, because he is going to appeal the FA’s decision.

Barton also stated that in case of refusal of the Football Association of revisiting his decision, he will complete his professional career.

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