The vernaeve: Now the goal – medal at the world championship

Верняев: Теперь цель – медали на чемпионате мира

Ukrainian gymnast Oleg Vernaeve commented on your three medals of the championship of Ebrary.

“On Saturday in the first day of competition at the individual shells it was hard for me, because it went straight speech after the round. Plus, you know, a little emotional, went to bed late, slept poorly, incorrectly focused, maybe. In principle, the horse power was, but then the role was played by a stupid mistake. And Sunday has been my day, my shells just came out and tried to make their programs without inventing anything.

And then on the bars all turned out. I got a bunch of his main, immediately flew in the database, we had to insert another element. After all, if one crashes, it is necessary to find a direct replacement. To change the program on the fly, so to speak.

On the bar I got a program that I basically didn’t cook at all. As you saw, I did in qualifying in the all-around 5,7 base on the bar, and in the final went to 6.2 and everything put in what I could. To try in the future. Could make it easier and to be fourth or fifth, but coach felt that we need to try something to before the world Cup was touched. And I’m physically not enough, very tired.

Верняев: Теперь цель – медали на чемпионате мира

Now do not think about past Olympic games, but only about Tokyo, it is necessary by 2020 to prepare. If somewhere to head in the medals for Rio, it is possible already and to finish his career. But the fellows are young people rushing! Back (laughs). So you need to try not to allow them to support themselves.

In principle, there are certain programs that are not for six months, and there, all the way to Tokyo. As you can see, the program is very complicated, and something to add, we have to include elements that are practiced. There are some and there are already health will allow.

What are the goals for the near future? All the same coin, only now – at the world Cup. And try something else to win”, – said the Vernaeve in an interview with R-sport.

Earlier wrote that the Verniaiev won gold and bronze at the last day of the European championship.

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