Peter fury: Joshua must strive to win a quick knockout

Питер Фьюри: Джошуа должен стремиться к победе быстрым нокаутом

Uncle Tyson fury believes that if Joshua knocks out Klitschko to the fourth round, but he will not win the fight.

The trainer and uncle of Tyson fury Peter fury believes that the world champion under version IBF in a super heavyweight Anthony Joshua should try to aggressively start a fight with Klitschko and try to knock out the Ukrainian.

“Joshua needs to go for the knockout and he needs to surprise Klitschko early in the fight, as he is often nervous. Anthony needs to shake Vladimir, knock off the normal rhythm and the game plan on. If he doesn’t knock out Klitschko to the fourth round, but he will not win this fight.

I think Klitschko will be more aggressive than usual. He lost to Tyson fury, but I don’t see how Joshua is going to implement the tactics used by Tyson. I believe that Wladimir will systematically break Joshua, which has not yet met with such rivals.

The only chance Joshua – he should strive to win a quick knockout, with the start of the battle to impose a “street fight”. He has to knock Vladimir off, put out of balance and not to give the Ukrainians time to go in the usual routine method of warfare,” said Peter fury.

We will remind, on April 29 in London at Wembley stadium will host the match for the heavyweight title 41-year-old Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko and 27-year-old Briton Anthony Joshua.

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At stake the match will be the champion belt IBF, owned by the British, as well as the vacant WBA (Super) and IBO.

Online stream of the fight will also be available on 29 April at 23:59 Kyiv time.

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