CHE chess: Ukrainka Zhukova and Anna Muzychuk made a draw between them

ЧЕ по шахматам: украинки Жукова и Анна Музычук сыграли вничью между собой

Mariya Muzychuk were among the pursuers of the leaders.

Ukrainian chess players Anna Muzychuk and Natalia Zhukova played a draw with each other in the eighth round match of women’s European championship. The girls agreed to a draw already on the 11th move, saving their strength for the further struggle.

But Mariya Muzychuk his party of the eighth round white won Iolanta Zavadskaya from Poland.

Lead in the European championship the Georgian Nana Dzagnidze and Russian chess player Alexandra goryachkina, who have 6.5 points. They have four players who have 6 points, including Maria Muzychuk. Natalia Zhukova and Anna Muzychuk on 5.5 points.

The European championship on chess among women takes place in Riga and will end on April 22.

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