Two defenders Kremenchug left the Ukraine national team before the world Cup

Два защитника Кременчуга покинули расположение сборной Украины перед ЧМ

Vladimir Romanenko and Vitaliy Andreikiv the decision of the coaching staff left the team.

The number of athletes in the national team of Ukraine, who are preparing for the world hockey championship, fell by three.

Unfortunately was not able to recover after injury, the captain of the team Victor Zakharov from Donetsk Donbass. The coaching staff of the national team left defenders HC Kremenchuk Volodymyr Romanenko and Vitaliy Andreikiv.

In the evening training on April 17 was attended by 24 players. In addition to the injured players who continue to recover after injuries, to participate in the activity did not take Andrew Deniskin, who was unwell. However, the young striker will continue training with the team.

Your game links at the evening session, had the following view:

Red: Pobedonostsev – Ignatenko, Nimenko – Kuzmik – Bondarev;

White – Bbw – Katrich, Doll Butsenko – The Pews;

Green: Aleksyuk – Kugut, Kitsch, Gnidenko – Petrakovskii;

Black: Melnikov – Isayenko, Karpenko – Chernyshenko – Gavrik.

Blue: Varivoda

Goalkeepers: Zakharchenko, Beskhlebny, Dyachenko

Wednesday, April 19, the team of Aleksandr Savitsky moved to the capital and will train for the world championship on ice of the Kiev Palace of sports.

Recall that the world hockey championship will be held in Kyiv Sports Palace from April 22 to April 28.

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