The FDA selected the best player and coach of the 25th round

УПЛ выбрала лучших игрока и тренера 25-го тура

Reporting the winners of the round were player and coach of the Kiev Dynamo.

The Dynamo midfielder Denis Garmash was named the Ukrainian Premier League the most valuable player of the tour.

In the 25th round of the championship of Ukraine Dynamo Kiev met with the Luhansk Zorya. The only goal in the performance of Garmash has brought to Kiev the victory.

UPL, in order to determine the best player of the tour, interviewed the experts, which included Oleg venglinsky, Sergey nagorniak, Viktor Grachyov, Vadim Misyura, Gennadiy Orbu, Igor Cigaņiks, Dmitry povoroznyk, Igor Shukhovtsev, józsef szabó and Alexander Denisov.

The results of the vote won by Garmash. He is one vote ahead of the Shakhtar’s taison.

УПЛ выбрала лучших игрока и тренера 25-го тура

All-Ukrainian Association of coaches of soccer analyzed the actions of all coaches in the 25th round of the Ukrainian Premier League and decided that the best was the ribs.

The coach of Dinamo was estimated in the following way:

1. The nominal result of the team — 5
(Importance, surprise, the strength of the opponent, historical and tournament component)

2. Difficulties in building and managing trust — 4
(Injured/suspended players, special circumstances)

3. Skill in working with the staff — 4
(Players used in their usual positions and unexpected, but successful new faces in the squad)

4. Coaching skills — 5
(Diversity of tactics changes during a match, using the human factor)

5. Cumulative criterion — 5
(If a team is under the guidance of coach few rounds in a row demonstrates a clear progress, constant improvement, coaching news)

The final grade is 4.6.

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