Budivelnik reached the final of the super League

Будивельник вышел в финал Суперлиги

Kiev Budivelnik badly defeated Cherkasy Map in the semifinal series.

Kiev Budivelnik in the third game of the series managed to beat Cherkasy Mavpy. This victory allowed the club to reach the final of the Superleague, where he will fight with Chemist.

Kiev won each of the quarters, the big break, having gone in the advantage of 4 points, and then scored a powerful breakthrough in the second half of the match, winning the game with the score 90:84.

The most productive player of the match was Boyarkin (14 points + 7 assists).

Cherkasy Mavpy — Budivelnik– 84:90 (16:17, 20:23, 18:26, 30:24)

The account in a series — 0:3.

The final series between Budivelnik and Himik will begin on Saturday, April 29.

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