The national team of Ukraine on judo called the squad for the European championship

Сборная Украины по дзюдо назвала состав на чемпионат Европы

In Warsaw from 19 to 23 April will be a continental championship in judo.

The national team of Ukraine on judo decided on the squad that will travel to the European championship in Warsaw, which will be held from 19 to 23 April.

Noteworthy is the fact that men will perform in six weight categories and in the team competition, while the women claimed only three categories.

Among the participants of the experienced athletes (George Zantaraya, Yakov Hammo, Svetlana Yaryomka) and young (Bogdan Yadov, Sergei Crewcut and 16-year-old Daria Beloded).


66 kg – Georgy Zantaraya, Bogdan Yadov, Gevorg Khachatryan (team competition)

73 kg Sergey DREBOT, Artyom Homola, Dmitry Kanivets (team competition)

81 kg – Sergey Crewcut

90 kg – Kedzhau Nyabali, Vadim Sinyavsky (team competition)

100 kg – Alexander Romanyuk

+100 kg – Yakov Hammo, Stanislav Bondarenko.


48 kg – Daria Bilodid, Marina Chernyak

78 kg – Anastasia Turchin

+78 kg – Svetlana Yaryomka, Elizabeth Kalanina.

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