Luzhny: there is Nothing to do with Ukrainian players in war with Russia

Лужный: Нечего там делать украинским футболистам в условиях войны с Россией

The former captain of the national team of Ukraine and Dynamo Kiev have expressed their opinion on domestic players acting in the championship of Russia on football.

The former defender of Dynamo Kiev and national team of Ukraine on football Oleg Luzhny believes that the employment of domestic players in the Russian League:

“Comfortable Budkowska in Russia? To health it, but I’m not interested in the championship of Russia, don’t watch their matches. Has repeatedly spoken on this subject: yet the war continues with Russia, believe that the Ukrainian players have nothing to do there,” – said Oleg Luzhny in an interview

Note that the Ukrainian footballer Artem Fedetskiy shared the view of Oleg Luzhny, believing that it is better not to play football than to go to the championship of Russia.

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