CHE chess: Anna Muzychuk stopped the course Dzagnidze

ЧЕ по шахматам: Анна Музычук остановила победный ход Дзагнидзе

In Riga ended the party 4-th round of the championship of Europe in chess.

Vice-world champion Anna Muzychuk stopped the course of the Georgian Nana Dzagnidze, playing with the leader of the championship with the black pieces in a draw.

Mariya Muzychuk with white pieces defeated Martha Michna from Germany and caught up with Dzagnidze entered the leading group of six players.

Another Ukrainian Natalia Zhukova played a draw with Ulyana Fataliyeva from Azerbaijan and together with Anna Muzychuk has been held to 3 points after four rounds, 0.5 points behind the leaders.

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