CHE chess: Sisters Muzychuk and Zhukov in the group persecution of the leader

ЧЕ по шахматам: Сестры Музычук и Жукова в группе преследования лидера

Anna Muzychuk won with white, but her sister Mary black played a draw in the third round of the European championship.

Ex-world champion Mariya Muzychuk lost their first points in the European championship on chess which passes in Riga.

Managed to stop the triumphant progress of German Mary Sarah Hoolt, white played a draw with Ukrainian.

Her sister Anna Muzychuk after a draw with black in the second round, today, white beat Olga Batelco from Belarus.

Natalia Zhukova on the 15-m course did not use a good opportunity to get a significant advantage against Zeinab Mamedjarova from Azerbaijan and quickly agreed to a draw.

After the third round with the perfect score is the leader Nana Dzagnidze of Georgia. It pursued more than two dozen players, among which the sisters Muzychuk and Zhukov. Other Ukrainian speakers in the championship of Europe less successfully.

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