Klitschko has compared the fight against fury with the book and yourself – with Everest

Кличко сравнил бой против Фьюри с книгой, а себя – с Эверестом

Ukrainian boxer preparing to fight with Joshua

Ex-world champion in superheavy weight Vladimir Klitschko said that he is in the best shape.

“I’m sorry if this sounds arrogant, but I as mount Everest. You can climb it and say you have conquered mount Everest. But then you will have to run down, because the mountain will be killed if you miss. Many die, never having conquered Everest. Does Everest defeated? No, he’s still there. Only four fighters have managed to defeat me in the 68-x my fights, and this April will be another life.

I have heavy hands and heavy kicks with these hands. I know that. I don’t have a lot of punches to finish the fight. Only one out of both hands.

Кличко сравнил бой против Фьюри с книгой, а себя – с Эверестом

Youth vs experience? I completely understand Anthony Joshua. How he feels. What he sees. He thinks he is. As he breathes. His instincts.

I told him, if he wins, I will congratulate him. But if I win, I will help him to come back, I’m back. I would be his mentor. The best teacher is the one who experienced it. What does not kill us, makes us stronger.

Кличко сравнил бой против Фьюри с книгой, а себя – с Эверестом

Defeat does not mean that you have lost. Lost in fury, but I don’t feel like a loser. Bad experience with fury changed my attitude to Boxing. I learned more about myself and Boxing, through this defeat. Unfortunately, I can’t change it, but there is a second chance. The fight with fury will be no more. Now I look forward. This man destroyed himself. It’s like a book you close, put on the shelf and open a new one.

Fight with Joshua – this fight will be 50/50. Whether a young guy to defeat me? Whether he will succeed? Nobody knows, and that is why this fight will be really interesting. For me is not important money. I feel like an artist. Boxing is art to me. I enter the ring not for Finance but for love and passion in Boxing. I’m 41, but I feel 27. I’m approaching the best shape of your life, physically and morally“, – quotes Klitschko dailymail.co.uk

Кличко сравнил бой против Фьюри с книгой, а себя – с Эверестом

The fight of Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua will be held on April 29 in London.

Earlier iSport.ua reported that in training camp Wladimir Klitschko held a media day.

Anthony Joshua is confident that he will manage to knock out the Ukrainian.

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