Futsal: the national team of Ukraine beat Croatia and came to Euro 2018

Футзал: cборная Украины обыграла Хорватию и вышла на Евро-2018

Ukraine national Futsal team managed to win all three matches in the qualifying group in Kiev.

Ukraine national Futsal team got the ticket to the Euro in 2018, which will be held early next year in Slovenia.

In the final match of the wards Alexander Kosenko met with Croatia for a direct place in the championship of Europe our team needed a victory.

The fight at the Palace of Sports, our team began to actively, but missed 5 good chances, then concede a goal, Elovich in the 12th minute to put his team ahead.

Before the break, Belotserkovets evened the score, but to win the group, our team had yet to score.

The second half was quite rich in moments, primarily due to the fact that faster played the Croats, and the team more attention was given to the defense.

It was already a draw 1:1, while the Ukrainians in one of the attacks has not constructed a fairly simple goal. Mr Razuvanov managed to get rid of guardianship from the penalty, and after the transfer from the flank strike from eight metres hammer the ball under the crossbar.

Футзал: cборная Украины обыграла Хорватию и вышла на Евро-2018 

Croatia immediately come out to play in five field but failed to break the defense of Ukraine and replay Iwanaka

In the end the victory — 2:1, which brought Ukraine a direct qualification for the Euro 2018 and Croatia will try to get to the championship via the playoffs.

Croatia — Ukraine 1:2

Goals: Elovich, 12 – Belotserkovets, 14, Razuvanov, 37.

Ukraine: Ivanac — Zhurba, N. Gritsyna, Shoturma, Belotserkovets — Razuvanov, Cheporniuk, M. Gritsina, Koval B. Novak, Pedas Zvarych, Korsun — Zipun.

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