Arum called the next plans on fighting Lomachenko

Арум назвал ближайшие планы по боям Ломаченко

Promoter Vasyl Lomachenko wants to get him a rematch with Salido or a fight in England with Flanagan.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is already thinking about a possible next opponent for the Ukrainian champion under version WBO in the second Featherweight Vasyl Lomachenko. According to the promoter, among the candidates to fight Orlando Salido and Terry Flanagan.

“Now I think the fight with Orlando Salido definitely be more attractive to viewers. It is still possible. The likely transition to light weight and fight against WBO champion Terry Flanagan. I can say that happens the first or second option.

The venue of the fight depends on who Lomachenko will fight. If there is a fight against Salido, probably in Los Angeles. If there is a fight against Flanagan, it’s probably in Chicago or in England,” said Bob Arum.

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